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We at VARDHMAN BEARINGS are manufacturer of  Rod Clevis

We make  these Rod Clevis  as per iso standards

Rod Clevis also known as  Fork , Clevis , Piston Mounting , Rod Fork , Rod Eye , U Joint , Y Joint , Piston Joint , Cylinder Mounting , Cylinder Joint , End Fork , Eye Fork , Eye Clevis , Rod End Joint , Rod Eye Joint , Clevis Joint , Rod Clevis Joint , Female Clevis , Male Clevis ,  Rod End Female Clevis , Rod End Male Clevis , U Type Joint , Rod End Bearings , Ball Joint , Universal Joint , Piston Joint , End Joint , U Joint with Lock Clip , Rod Fork , Clevis Joint , Fork Clevis , Rod End Clevis , Piston Clevis , Pneumatic Cylinder Piston Clevis , Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Clevis , Clevis Joint , Ball Joint , Universal Clevis , Rod Clevis Coupling


These rod clevis  are used as mountings on pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic cylinders
Used for locking the piston of cylinder and mounting it to any end through which the pin of the clevis get passed , used in automobiles in gear wire , in gas springs , used in many applications and in many industries like , cnc machines , machine tools , textile machines
In rod clevis we make both male and female clevis  , we make threading in inch , metric , bsf , unf etc
We make clevis as per customers requirement
We can supply in different  plating on rod clevis like  white zinc plating , yellow zinc plated rod clevis ,  nickel plated rod clevis , phosphated rod clevis , blackodien rod clevis
We can make rod clevis by forging it , from complete bar , forged rod clevis , casted rod clevis ,
We make these rod clevis fork from different material like mild steel , stainless steel rod clevis , aluminum rod clevis ,  pressure die casted rod clevis , polymer plastic rod clevis
These rod clevis  are used in load cells  for s type load cells
We make quick realize rod clevis these rod clevis have a spring steel clips which on press from one end get realize and open the pin from clevis
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We manufacturer all type of rod clevis fork y joint u joint rod eye rod clevises rod coupling rod clevis coupling fork joint SG fork.
These rod clevis fork are used in many applications and in many industries like textile machines cnc machines paper industry , pneumatic cylinder , hydraulic cylinder , automation , printing machines , packing machines , hydro press , machine tools , robots , laser cutting machines , special purpose machines.
These rod clevis are used a end joint for mounting , also know as fork end joints , these rod clevis can be made from casting , solid bar , forging  etc
We make these rod clevis as per iso standard and also as per customers requirement.
Rod clevis mounting manufacture India , rod clevis manufacturer , rod clevis spring clip.
We also supply only spring clips of rod clevis as per iso standards.
Nothing else is needed to mount your plasma display to a wall, stand, cart or suspension device if you choose our Clevis Mount(TM) CTM series plasma mount. Augmenting our already popular PCM series, the CTM series brings the benefits of the "wall-only" PCM and adds the versatility of mounting to stands, carts and suspension devices. The Clevis Mount makes mounting your display easy with its unique plate and sliding-rod systems. Designed for horizontal plasma mounting, the Clevis Mount's exclusive heavy-duty, 1/2"-diameter, steel sliding rods support the display, allowing lateral movement for precise horizontal placement. Once mounted, the plasma display can be left in a flat position or tilted up to 12º to achieve the desired viewing angle. The bracket hook tension adjusts to accommodate the plasma display's weight and holds the display securely in the desired tilt position. Best of all, our Clevis Mount fits several different chassis, allowing for small SKU quantities
We make these  rod clevis  in many  different sizes like   SG M 6 , SG M 8 , SG M 10 , SG M 10 X 1.25 , SG M 12 X 1.25 , SG M 12 X 1.5 , SG M 16 X 1.5 , SG M 18 X 1.5 , SG M 20 X 1.5 , SG M 24 X 2 , SG M 27 X 2 , SG M 30 X 2 , SG M 30 X 1.5 , SG M 36 X 2 , SG M 36 X 3 , SG M 48 X 4 , SG M 48 X 2 , SG M 64 X 4 , SG M 64 X 3 , ETC.

 Piston Rod Clevis
Rod Clevises also know as Yoke , u joint , rod clevis , piston mounting , rod fork , y joint , fork , clevis  , mounting for pneumatic cylinder , mounting for hydraulic  cylinder , rod eye , rod fork , rod clevis mounting , rod clevis fork , rod fork mounting , universal joint , bracket clevis , bracket eye , bracket joint , clevis rod end ,  cardan shaft , universal coupling , rod end joint , rod end mounting , piston joint , clevises and clevis pin , cylinder rod eye , cylinder joint , cylinder yoke joint , cylinder clevis , cylinder clevises , pivot bracket clevis , pivot pins , groves pins clevis , rigid linkages , A clevis type linkage for transmitting force with 360 degrees of motion. Comprised of main threaded body which maintains a spherical cavity; clevis body attaches to before said main threaded body through use of spherical shaped structure; threaded body and clevis body integrally formed into single entity therefore encompassing present invention.
The main threaded body of claim 1 has female threads for receiving standard thread types encompassing both metric and standard sizes. The main threaded body of claim 1 has a spherical cavity which is utilized in coordination with the clevis body spherical shaped structure of claim 1; spherical cavity within main threaded body houses spherical shaped structure attached to clevis body; spherical cavity of main threaded body combined with spherical shaped structure of clevis body allow for 360 degrees of motion., adjustable yoke end , yoke clevis.
Yoke End, Female (Series: Yoke)

adjustable yoke ends (also called "clevis ends") are typically assembled to the end of a rod, pipe, tube or cable linkage and are then attached via a clevis pin to a mounting point.

forged or cast, low carbon steel.
Finish/Plating Code: the suffix of the part number indicates the plating color (i.e., 280377 would be zinc yellow). Codes: 77 = zinc yellow 80 = zinc clear

Specials: almost any type of pin hole or thread can be put into a yoke end at a very reasonable cost. Modifications to the actual housing dimensions require large volumes to remain economical.

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Cylinder accessories → piston rod mountings, series CM2. Rod clevises ... Rod clevises. Part numbers marked in bold are available from the central ...
We stock a complete line of Clevises & Clevis Pins, Eyebolts, Eyenuts, Nuts & Plate Washers, Rod Ends, Threaded Rods, Turnbuckles Assemblies and Yolk Ends
Tie rod end clevis tools.
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